• 香港六宝资科 Years of industry experience and strong strength

    We have advanced product production bases, independent research and development centers, and mechanical processing centers.

  • 香港六宝资科 Professional customized ice making and refrigeration equipment

    To provide customers with professional ice making and refrigeration system solutions through high-quality service.

  • 香港六宝资科 A comprehensive service team

    Years of practice have cultivated a group of high-quality and highly skilled engineers and technicians, as well as a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service team

  • 香港六宝资科 Efficient logistics transportation

    The company has a complete transportation system, a well distributed sales and warehousing network, and an efficient operating mechanism

About Kaily ice system
香港六宝资科 GuangDong Kaily Refrigeration Equipment Tech Co., Ltd.
Kaily Refrigeration Equipment
Guangdong Kaili Refrigeration Eauioment Technology Co., LTD. (Kaili Refrigeration Eauipment Co., LTD.) is jointly established by Dongguan Yuanyuan Kaili Trading Co., LTD and Hong Kong Heling Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD. Rely jointly the combination of advantageous resources, the company and Hong Kong Heling Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. jointly set up a professional cooling product research and development department. In the Pearl River Delta region where the manufacturing industry is developed, the company has advanced product production base, independent research and development center, mechanical processing center, perfect inspection equipment and after-sales service team. Years of practice has cultivated a group of high-quality. Highly skilled engineers and technical personnel, as well as perfect presales,after-sales service team.
  • Guangdong Kaili Refrigeration Eauioment Technology Co., LTD. 2012 Established in
  • Guangdong Kaili Refrigeration Eauioment Technology Co., LTD. 1000 Partners
Application Area

The main products of the company are: fresh water ice machine, fresh water ice machine evaporator, sea water ice machine evaporator, sea water ice machine, ice machine unit, ice brick machine (salt pool ice brick machine, straioht cold ice brick machine), tube ice machine, granular ice machine (square ice machine), concrete cooling system, high temperature snow making system, chiller, large cold storage series and all kinds of ice making, refrigeration equipment and accessories.

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    Supermarket retail

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    Cold chain logistics

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    Food processing

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    Industrial cold water

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Here, you can find company information and industry news to learn more professional product knowledge.

  • Six reasons for the slowing ...

    Six reasons for the slowing ...

    Six reasons for the slowing down of ice speed in ice making machinesThe appearance of the evaporator is prone to scale, oil stains, or excessive dus...

  • The principle and characteri...

    The principle and characteri...

    Compared with other ice forms, tube ice has the highest density and is the purest among all types of ice forms. It is not easy to melt and meets edi...

  • Ice sheets are the preferred...

    Ice sheets are the preferred...

    Industrial Lin flake ice maker is a cooling equipment used in the non edible ice maker industry, applied in many fields of industrial manufacturing....


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